понедельник, 23 января 2012 г.

Did it on'em

 When I was in school the most of people around me didn't understood me,my vision. I've always been like a white crow or something like that. I often felt like a loser. I really felt this way,you know. I was wearing so dark clothing, listening to the rock music and ect. And one of my classmates was calling me satan. On the one hand it looked funny, but on the other hand - horrible. I was a little nervous about it but the most of time I didn't show that. Just was laughing with my friends. 
 Now I believe that all this insults were not in vain. That made me stronger. I became more confident. I believe in myself,  I have a talent. I can't say I know everything of course. But I found out a lot. As for me I realized that I'm proud of myself. Because I'm changing, getting better. Every day I learn. Learn to be myself, love myself and others,take all this for what it is.
 So..Don't let anyone to push you down,guys. Just don't give a shit about haters . Because in your forces to be the light. And to surround yourself with the light people. Do what you want,do your own thing. That's very important to do what you like.
 And love yourself. It's pointless to seek for the source of love in other people. Until you love yourself, no one will love you. That is the law of the Universe. We are love.

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