вторник, 19 августа 2014 г.

Sri Anandamayi Ma

By cultivating the company of saints, sages and seekers after Truth, by attending religious gatherings, by studying books of wisdom and by similar devices, one develops a bent in that direction. Nothing will have to be given up. Only try to cling to Him desperately. What has to be relinquished will fall away of itself. (с) Sri Anandamayi Ma

Universal Love

 Initially we all love each other. This love is universal, absolute. Romantic love is only a part of it. Father created this world the way it is for us. He created us because of love. The body is also provided because of His grace and love. We are love itself in the flesh. We should get the necessary experience. Get experience in the material world. So love all around us...Look inside a little, seek the spark. And when you will find it, light it in everyone you see. Om