понедельник, 10 ноября 2014 г.

True Blessing


We all have hard times. But actually this is not a hard times, this is just getting a necessary experience. There is no negative or positive. We go through this from life to life. And once at the right time we find someone who helps to go through all these tests just by his presence. You may be away from each other physically, but there is an invisible eye connection. It is not a desire, not a passion, nor anything from the personal mind. Over time it doesn't disappear. Location at a distance only makes it stronger. And in turn it makes you both stronger, raising over physiological instincts. It is happening now. I am so grateful for the fact that he's near. My heart is full of love to the most wonderful man in the Universe :) There was no any hint, he came so suddenly, as usual everything happens. It doesn't mean I put the whole world in one soul. The feeling I feel for him helps me to reveal unconditional love, love without a reason to the whole world and everyone living in it. This is an absolute blessing. Amen. Sat Nam. Om

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